Man Rapped About Killing Girlfriend After She Went Missing, Facing Capital Murder

A California man was arrested back in August after rapping about killing his girlfriend who went missing in July. The video was captured at a bar in Los Angeles during a rap cypher the night 27-year-old Robert Camou’s 31-year-old girlfriend, Amanda Custer went missing. Camou can be heard rapping “I killed my (expletive) and buried that (expletive) in the (expletive) dirt,” which left everyone stunned. 

Camou was found sleeping inside his car near the bar the following morning. According to multiple reports, Camou’s parents tipped off the police after seeing their son drag Custer’s lifeless body out of their home and stuffed into the back of his car. When they searched his room, Camou’s parents found blood and signs of a struggle. Inside Camou’s car, authorities found digging tools and traces of blood, however, the search for Custer’s body is ongoing. 

This week, Camou was officially charged with capital murder. If convicted, he could receive the death penalty or a life sentence without the possibility of parole.