Teen Tourist Falls Into Coma While Vacationing in Dominican Republic

A teenager from Argentina, Candela Saccone, fell into a coma while vacationing in the Dominican Republic. According to the New York Post, doctors are claiming Saccone, 15, is in a coma due to diabetic ketoacidosis, of which her family says she has no history. 

Saccone’s mother said she took the teen to a local hospital after she began showing signs of dizziness, dehydration and vomiting. According to CNN, the teen is still unconscious and in critical condition on Tuesday (June 25), yet stable and showing signs of improvement. 

Saccone is the latest tourist to visit the Dominican Republic to become seriously ill, while others have recently died after coming down with various illnesses. FBI investigators are looking into counterfeit alcohol making a link to the situation.

Source: NY Post